When you look around what do you see? A thousand different ideas to make your wedding one of a kind. But are the most unique ideas the ones that are really creative?

This isn't always the case.

In fact a lot of classic ideas have begun to make a comeback in the bridal shower and are a nice alternative to the current trends. The reason these classic ideas are popular is because they allow you to build up for the bridal shower. They act as blocks which you can build on. And what you get is a strong foundation for an afternoon that goes over without out a hitch.

When we get caught up in keeping up with the people on Instagram, and there are a lot of them, the bridal shower has a chance to derail. This would make things less than satisfactory, and that can end up spoiling an otherwise delightful event for the bride to be.

So what are some of the things that can quickly create an environment where the bridal shower has a chance to derail?

Let's Break It Down

So what do you think the main problem is? Isn't it an honorable goal to make the bridal shower super successful?

Of course it is!

But that doesn't mean that the bridal shower is supposed to be larger than life. And this is where I think a lot of the hostesses fail. For one thing, most of the hostesses are not much older than the bride is. And this means that there is a lack of experience there that can hinder the smooth flow that is needed. This is a flow that is crucial when the celebration is big, complicated, and coordinated.

When you host a smaller bridal shower, even if it does not match you have a lot of means to get it worked out. And if something doesn't work you can roll with it and in the end nobody will even be the wiser.

But when you make it big, over the top, and complicated. You have a number of things working against you.

  • Bridal showers that are too big run the risk of being hindered by the sheer amount of guests on the list.
    • Bridal showers are meant to be small familiar events where only the closest group is invited to. In you want the all out guest list then you are planning a wedding.

  • Many of the modern bridal showers really are over the top. They just get carried away with planning every aspect. Trust me when I say, the bride to be will love it because it came from her friends. It came from your heart. You don't need to have matching everything. Your guests will not notice anyway.
  • Complicated is one away of saying it, but expensive is another. When you go out of your way to make it bigger, louder, and longer then you will have to spend more.
    • Many hostesses cannot shoulder the cost of the bridal shower when it gets out of hand. And you aren't expected to spend more than you need to anyway.
  • A shower is for one thing and one thing alone. It is for collecting gifts for the bride to be. If it wasn't they wouldn't call it a shower.

    Since this the reason behind the day you really should let this be the focus.

    Many women love the gift opening aspect of the shower and this can easily become the focal point of the day. Something that will be remembered for years to come.

    One way I like to think about them is a birthday party. If you invited people to yours celebration you would know they they would bring gifts. And the same is true here. If you invite them to the shower they know to bring something for the household. If there is a registry they will generally bring something from that. If it wasn't for the shower aspect it would just be a larger party under friends.

    And that is how you should approach things.

    Smaller is better. Less complicated is good. And matching everything is just plain weird.