We passed a couple on bikes that had picked two full baskets of flowers. This was during the day right in the middle of Forest Park.

The Horticulture Foreman said they do not allow picking of any plants inside Forest Park.

This is very selfish, those are there for everyone to enjoy. They are for everyone to see and smell. Not for you to take. There are thousands of people who go though the park- if everyone picked them there wouldnt be any left.

A lot of thought and money has gone into Forest Park Forever restoration and conservation.

I would imagine that even the areas along paths and waterways that seem to be random have been planned with great consideration towards original indigenous habitat.


I found a local greenhouse for my daughter-in-law's wedding that does field to vase arrangements. My price is probably a bit lower because she only has a MOH and we're making our own boxes for the centerpiece arrangements.

I found her via Thumbtack. And the woman is well-reviewed on facebook and weddingwire.

I told her we were going to DIY our flowers from Costco but that I needed her to make my bouquet and crown, and she asked what I was spending on the Costco flowers and told me she'd do it all for the same price. I then added a few things and that put us about another hundred or so. This does include any discounts and we are not renting anything from her except the shepherd's hooks - we have all the mason jars, beer bottles, etc.


  1. Bride Bouquet: $90
  2. Flower Crown: $50
  3. MOH Bouquet: $65
  4. Flower Girl Bouquet: $35
  5. 7 Boutonnieres: $70
  6. 6 Corsages: $165
  7. 16 Centerpieces: $565
  8. Delivery Fee: $50.00

I know some women who ended up making paper flowers because they couldn't stomach the cost of "real" flowers that would'd just throw away at the end of the day. I think all told they spent around $250 for the paper ones.


I worked partially as a florist for a few years, it's actually pretty satisfying work, though it can be busy as all hell.

I still consider trying to find a full time gig as a florist since it's steady work and pretty fun.

  • Floral was a section in my department at the grocery store, it was a pretty decent sized floral section that rivaled some actual floral stores. I didn't wind up dealing with the flowers until I became the assistant manager of the department that also managed the Floral section.
    I learned everything I know from our florist who came from working at a greenhouse. I eventually became the manager of the whole department and wound up spending maybe half my time in Floral because at this point, my florist could only work part time because of school.
  • No real stories, just a lot of anger when shipments would come in and be dead already or not what I ordered. Also holidays such as Mothers Day and Valentines Day can suck a dick.
  • It depends. If we're going potted, I really like Marigolds for their colour, but if we're talking cuts (bouquet/arrangements), Stargazer lilies probably.

Working floral in a Grocery Store is more or less what you'll actually see in florist shops most of the time, though it varies from store to store.


You may have heard that to keep flowers fresh you should keep them refrigerated. Do NOT put your bouquet in the fridge.

A refrigerator is the opposite of the commercial floral cooler, pulling moisture out instead of creating a humid environment. Make sure that the stems of the bouquet are in plenty of water and keep it in your coolest room.

Ask that your florist spray the flower crown with a protective flower spray such as "Crowning Glory".

Have something that the flower crown can sit on...around a vase, an upside down bowl, etc, so it is elevated and doesn't get flattened. Since there are no exposed stems, this can go in the front of the fridge. The back can be too cold and freeze/ruin the flowers.


What you get. This was last May for Mother's Day I had ordered a "yellow fellow" arrangement since my moms favorite color is by far yellow, and it was beautiful and unique.

I also chose it specifically because it wasn't your run of the mill Mother's Day bouquet. She got a purple carnation bouquet. I got an email generally saying "we are out of this but you will receive the closest approximation possible".

From all yellow to all purple mad isn't the word! All of which cost close to $200 for the faux pas.

I do understand that this is a steep price. You are absolutely correct.

The point I'm trying to make, though, is that I purchased something for my mother as a gift, and she was sent something very different than what I chose.

The ridiculous price is even more reason to get it right.

Words can't describe my hatred of ferns and other "filler". Plus, my parents have pets. Roses are cat-friendly; the other cheap shit in the vase probably isn't.

You want nice flowers? Support a good florist - find one locally that does good work, and build a relationship with them. That takes more effort, but you're trying to give a thoughtful gift - put some effort into it.

I know I will from now on.