I worked partially as a florist for a few years, it's actually pretty satisfying work, though it can be busy as all hell.

I still consider trying to find a full time gig as a florist since it's steady work and pretty fun.

  • Floral was a section in my department at the grocery store, it was a pretty decent sized floral section that rivaled some actual floral stores. I didn't wind up dealing with the flowers until I became the assistant manager of the department that also managed the Floral section.
    I learned everything I know from our florist who came from working at a greenhouse. I eventually became the manager of the whole department and wound up spending maybe half my time in Floral because at this point, my florist could only work part time because of school.
  • No real stories, just a lot of anger when shipments would come in and be dead already or not what I ordered. Also holidays such as Mothers Day and Valentines Day can suck a dick.
  • It depends. If we're going potted, I really like Marigolds for their colour, but if we're talking cuts (bouquet/arrangements), Stargazer lilies probably.

Working floral in a Grocery Store is more or less what you'll actually see in florist shops most of the time, though it varies from store to store.