I found a local greenhouse for my daughter-in-law's wedding that does field to vase arrangements. My price is probably a bit lower because she only has a MOH and we're making our own boxes for the centerpiece arrangements.

I found her via Thumbtack. And the woman is well-reviewed on facebook and weddingwire.

I told her we were going to DIY our flowers from Costco but that I needed her to make my bouquet and crown, and she asked what I was spending on the Costco flowers and told me she'd do it all for the same price. I then added a few things and that put us about another hundred or so. This does include any discounts and we are not renting anything from her except the shepherd's hooks - we have all the mason jars, beer bottles, etc.


  1. Bride Bouquet: $90
  2. Flower Crown: $50
  3. MOH Bouquet: $65
  4. Flower Girl Bouquet: $35
  5. 7 Boutonnieres: $70
  6. 6 Corsages: $165
  7. 16 Centerpieces: $565
  8. Delivery Fee: $50.00

I know some women who ended up making paper flowers because they couldn't stomach the cost of "real" flowers that would'd just throw away at the end of the day. I think all told they spent around $250 for the paper ones.