I live in the midwest & have been following our state's Native advice for a few years now. We're not the same, but I recognize the names of several bird, bee, butterfly friendly items on your list. (Plus a few new ones!) Have fun with your new habitat!

We have been working hard to replace traditional plants in our region in yard with natives. I spent the weekend ripping out English Ivy that had overtaken a retaining wall at my house.

Our front flower bed has bee balm, cardinal flowers, coneflowers, yarrow, swamp milkweed, wild bergamot, as well as a few others I am forgetting. I bought an elderberry bush and a red chokeberry bush that are waiting to go in the ground.

We are planning on adding a lot this year, including one of the prarie moon nursery packs that contains:

  1. anise hyssop
  2. Bradbury's monarda
  3. butterfly weed
  4. early goldenrod
  5. golden Alexander's
  6. Hairy mountain mint
  7. Little bluestem
  8. northern blazing star
  9. orange coneflowers
  10. Ohio spiderwort
  11. prairie coreopsis
  12. Prarie dropseed
  13. royal catchfly
  14. Wild petunia

These may not all be native to your location, but they are native to the US at least. The biggest ones that are important here are the milkweeds as it's the only plant a monarch will lay it's eggs on. A woman in a nature group I attend runs the butterfly highway - they sell native seed packs to help attract pollinators which is pretty cool.