I have about 30 houseplants and only 3 that flower pretty regularly though I love flowers outside. One is a begonia and the other 2 are some crown of thorns plants that I picked up about 6 months ago.

They've been flowering ever since.

Still I don't care that much for flowers since I feel like I can't watch them grow like my green plants.

I don't complain when they bloom like my neighbor but I don't wait on them either. I prefer foliage, but most plants that aren't ferns and cycads have the capacity to bloom.

The thing with flowering houseplants is that they just take a lot more effort to maintain. They need more light, and if something goes wrong and you need to repot them, you risk shocking the plant enough to kill off the flowers. There's also the issue of what to do with them after they're done blooming.

Also, sunflowers and wildflowers make horrible houseplants. Sunflowers are annuals, and will die within one year. They also need more light than you can give them indoors. Wildflowers will often need some sort of cold dormancy period that you can't provide indoors.

A good portion of them are also annuals or biennials.