1. Is it better for the plant if I prune off the flower stalk?
  2. Can I propagate from the cut flower stalks, or from any of the leaves growing off the flower stalk?
  3. Is there any way to harvest and grow seeds from the closed flowers?

I had an echeveria bloom last year and was able to propagate from the leaves along the stalk.

It truly does amaze me.

I have five leaves from the first plant I got and it died. The salvageable leaves look as healthy as the day I plucked them and only just this weekend one of them rooted so it was an exciting occasion. Been waiting months.

They grew pretty vigorously actually, until I let a frost get the best of them. I had another stalk that I tried to propagate directly from the stem which failed to root, but lasted a really long time without the parent plant attached.

I don't know if you can propagate from them, standard procedure is to prune them off with about a cm to an inch of stalk remaining. The plant doesn't care but it looks better.

Surprising how much energy is stored in those tiny leaves.