What you get. This was last May for Mother's Day I had ordered a "yellow fellow" arrangement since my moms favorite color is by far yellow, and it was beautiful and unique.

I also chose it specifically because it wasn't your run of the mill Mother's Day bouquet. She got a purple carnation bouquet. I got an email generally saying "we are out of this but you will receive the closest approximation possible".

From all yellow to all purple mad isn't the word! All of which cost close to $200 for the faux pas.

I do understand that this is a steep price. You are absolutely correct.

The point I'm trying to make, though, is that I purchased something for my mother as a gift, and she was sent something very different than what I chose.

The ridiculous price is even more reason to get it right.

Words can't describe my hatred of ferns and other "filler". Plus, my parents have pets. Roses are cat-friendly; the other cheap shit in the vase probably isn't.

You want nice flowers? Support a good florist - find one locally that does good work, and build a relationship with them. That takes more effort, but you're trying to give a thoughtful gift - put some effort into it.

I know I will from now on.